Jul 16, 2014

5 Blogs Entrepreneurs Should Follow

  Created and run by Derek Halpern, this blog is concerned with how business owners can increase consumer traffic and become more interactive. It focuses on the psychological aspects that trigger people to buy products. The realm of social media can be overwhelming considering the ever increasing tools businesses can use to expand their reach and track their audience. This website gives readers tips on what websites attract certain audiences and how to get the best results. While its focus is on marketing for small business owners and entrepreneurs, this website offers advice on an abundance of topics from branding to business writing. Although most small business owners are not writing campaigns for Google, writing copy is an important strength to have as it translates into creative writing for blogs, social media and other promotional content. This blog focuses on teaching readers how to make their writing more appealing as well as succinct. Online activity grows with each coming year, especially among the Millennial Generation. This blog encourages entrepreneurs to take advantage of this by building online communities through websites and blogs.

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