Jan 28, 2014

Super Biz Sunday

How Small Businesses can Win the Super Bowl

Super Sunday is one of the biggest consumerist days in America. There are more Super Bowl parties than New Year’s Eve gatherings; and as a country we actually spend more on this one day than we do for Christmas decorations! So how can small businesses profit from this unofficial consumerist holiday?

First: Stay Open!

The game doesn’t start until after 6, and many people will be out during the day picking things up for the big game, spending until the last minute.

Be a Gamemaker
Set up challenges and contests about the game.  In the week leading up to Sunday, run contests to see who can guess closest to the final score, TV rating, or Super Bowl MVP.  The winner (or people who thought they might win!) can come back and get a discount.  

Be Corny
America loves the novelty of everything being football-ized. Whatever you sell can be made Super with Seattle and Denver colors, the Super Bowl logo, or better yet, generic football images that work any year – like a field, helmet, or ball. While food/drink and paper items are the most common (cookies, plates, coasters, etc), don’t stop there. Go for things like welcome mats, cheap lampshades or lights, flags, magnets, clothing, couch pillows. The cheaper and cornier the better.

Be Social
Super Sunday is the perfect day to find common ground with consumers to connect with your market. Twitter will light up about the same football moments and commercials; trending hashtags will abound. Get involved! Use social media to talk commercials and halftime show. Throw your name into the social frenzy and share your thoughts. People love reading all the different reactions, and someone somewhere will agree with you! 

Be Lite the Next Day

After the excesses of Super Bowl Sunday partying, people want to take it easy and healthy the next day. Pitch your healthy options as Super Sunday detox – workout classes, vegetarian options, etc.

The bottom line is to be spirited. Dress up your windows or interior with Super Sunday signs. Bars and restaurants of course have great opportunities: special deals, featured drinks, activities or games for viewing parties, take-out specials, large order discounts, special deliveries until kickoff. But other businesses can take advantage too. People will be out and looking to spend - do some extra business this weekend!

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