Jun 3, 2009

Working as an Entrepreneur, Solopreneur or Stay-at-Home Mom can be an awesome experience -- but only if you are prepared.

Below are just a few suggestions to help you get ready for such a career:

1. Have enough money tucked away to pay your personal and business bills for six months. You will need it in a case of illness, slow paying customers or equipment breakage.

2. Have a clear understanding of who your clients are and what they want; research your market thoroughly.

3. Understand that your friends and family will not be your ideal clients.

4. Only purchase what’s necessary; allow yourself enough time to become profitable before purchasing that expensive new office furniture.

5. Join an online social network that is filled with individuals who are already in the same line of business you want to be in. Pick their brains!

6. You must love what you are doing…make sure you go into a line of business that is going to make you happy -- and will keep you happy.

7. Don’t rush into anything!

Kirsten A. Womack
Virtual Assistant & Tech Diva

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