May 11, 2009

Franchise Q&A

1. What are a few of the advantages to opening a franchise?

The advantage of opening a franchise is to minimize your risk and maximize your earning and equity building. The success rate of franchises is in the high 90 percents. The franchise has a formula for success so you use your talents and finances to make it happen! When you own a franchise you have something to sell when you decide to move on. Owning Jeff's Super Duper Non Franchise Business is limiting because the buyer is never quite sure what will happen when Jeff is no longer part of the business. With a franchise the support is always there regardless of the ownership!

2. Do I need to have experience working in the industry before opening a franchise?

You do not need any special skills to operate a franchise. As the Director of Franchise Training at GNC, I trained people of all different backgrounds and experiences. (that's what led to me quitting my job at GNC to open my own GNC store.....I trained people and they were VERY successful....I wanted some of that action!)

Jeff Young

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